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Did you know March is Women’s History Month? Well it is! So, this blog is dedicated to wonderful women whose sacrifice and strength have paved the way for the many women entrepreneurs of this era. It is because of their savvy, ingenuity, acumen, fervor, passion, commitment, and resilience in the face of all odds, that we are able to seize and conquer the opportunities before us today (and the reason these opportunities are even up for the seizing). So, read on and get inspired!

Have you ever wondered who it is exactly that proclaims the color of the YEAR? I mean, who has enough global influence to ensure that almost every item from fashion to interior design is seemingly produced from the same color palette with very minimal deviation?  Even if you’ve never taken the time to wonder specifically about it, I’m sure you’ve at least noticed how in any given year there are certain hues that are everywhere… prominent in your favorite clothing stores, featured in interior design magazines, gift wrap, paint, and the list goes on and on. Some years, the fixation on one particular color can get so overwhelming you almost wish you never saw that color anywhere again. In 2009, for example, I experienced what I deemed a “mustard yellow crisis” from which I’m still recovering.

Come to find out, PANTONE®, the revered global authority on color, releases a “Color of the Year” for each upcoming calendar annum. Now, although I was pretty disgusted and could show absolutely no love to what they called “Mimosa” in 2009, I have to admit I’m game for the vibrant and uplifting shade of pink they’ve dubbed “Honeysuckle” for 2011. In fact, as soon as I lay eyes on the chosen color of the year (PANTONE® color 18-2120, to be exact), this dainty (and admittedly suppressed) persona from deep within whispered “now that’s Pretty in Pink.”

Perfection Events - You're Invited!Running a little low on Valentine candidates this year? Perhaps Cupid’s aim was just a tad off and that arrow meant for you hit a friend instead…. Well, this blog’s for you! I know, I know… everywhere you turn -chocolate, hearts, cards, red, pink, ugggggggh!  it’s enough to make you sick at best, depressed at worst. Well, in standard form we here at PE are presenting an opportunity to turn the tables and take control of the situation. Grab Cupid by his bow… Don’t hate… celebrate!

In this short but sweet (no pun intended)blog entry we here at Perfection Events would like to encourage you to turn what could be viewed as an unfortunate mishap into (yet another) reason to party! And we’re not talking about the usual “none of us has a Valentine, so let’s catch a sappy movie together” type of party – this is to be a full-fledged, get the word on the street, spruce up the place, serve appetizers and cocktails type of party. You’re certainly not the only person without a sweetheart (no, we’re not just saying this, we did the research, and based on the male to female ratio in the US, you literally can’t be), so join forces with some folks that just want to have some fun hanging out on this day devoted to lovers. And you never know, cupid might even drop in… he does have a reputation for being a bit of a “party animal.” :-)

Perfection Events - It's Your Turn!If you’re experiencing this wonderful mix of excitement and apprehension sprinkled with a bit of debilitating fear relating to your turn hosting / coordinating / slaving over an upcoming family reunion...  this blog entry is for YOU. And if our slightly concerned friend to the right accurately depicts your innermost feelings about this impending task... keep reading. Although I can’t make it go away, nor can I suddenly transport you 10 months into the future when all coordination is completed and you’re leisurely enjoying the BBQ, I can offer a few tips to help you along the way.

First, to abruptly address the elephant in the room, I will candidly state that Perfection Events does produce family reunion events—we’ve worked with clients to do as little as negotiate hotel pricing or as much as manage all communication, payments, contracts and each minute detail. BUT, this blog entry is not about us, it’s about you! As I said before, such as we have we give unto you… this blog is dedicated to providing you with tools for success whether you hire us or not.

Perfection Events - Flower DisplaySo… every woman loves to see a fresh floral bouquet on her table each week, right? Well OK, excluding those that have severe pollen allergies… so we’ll say almost every woman loves to see a fresh floral bouquet on her table each week. Now, we won’t address the issue of how this bouquet is supposed to arrive in your home (obviously, by way of our wildly romantic spouse or significant other); we will just suffice to say we’d all love to enjoy our flowers “while we can smell them.”

The unfortunate thing about it is, regardless of how green our thumbs are, oftentimes we are not equally as competent when it comes to choosing or caring for fresh cut flowers OR we can’t afford the bouquet we’ve envisioned gracing our table week after week… at least we think that’s the case. Well, never to fear ladies, I’m bringing you springtime in November on this blog entry as we explore the power of simplicity when choosing fresh flora. Can you believe I have fresh flora as a centerpiece in my home each week for the cost of lunch from a Philly street vendor? That’s right, less than 5 bucks will do….. stick with me, you’ll be impressing your guests and yourself in no time!

First, you’ll have to make an initial investment in a couple of florist/gardening supplies:

  • Small garden pruners, or a florists knife (I prefer the pruners for novices, for safety sake)
  • A medium-sized vase (at least 3.5” diameter at base, 6” diameter at opening, with about 10 – 12” of height)

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here we finally are! Although we believe in delivering perfection, we’ve decided there’s probably some sort of unwritten, never-to-be-discussed rule about how that can’t possibly apply to blogs…. But, what we can promise to deliver is real information that you can really use in real life. Bottom line, we’ll be keeping it REAL. Along the way, we’ll be passing along our advice on everything from achieving a beautiful floral arrangement at the cost of a low-budget lunch (shameless plug into the 1st blog entry) to maintaining your sanity while serving as the ever-dreaded Family Reunion Coordinator (shameless plug into the 2nd blog entry). So sit back and enjoy tips, tricks, treats, and the inside scoop: such as we have, we give unto you. Happy reading!