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It’s been a lazy, hazy summer week here in Philadelphia.  I don’t know about you, but these days are an absolute drain on my productivity … I go from daydreaming about being outside on a sunny, albeit very hot, day (not productive!) to daydreaming about doing nothing because it’s too hot to even think (not productive!).  Neither one of those scenarios lead to important things being checked off of the to-do list (not good!).

We are seeing a new trend in the events industry: very short lead times!  Sure, we have some clients that typically have 12-18 month planning cycles (we love that!), but we are now seeing most events with a 90 to 120 day lead time.  Every meeting planner we know will freely admit to loving the long planning cycles and loathing the short lead times, but we know (secretly, of course!) that most of us also thrive on the intensity and challenge of planning those quick-turn events too.

Wow, today really is July 3rd! If you are like many of us, you are busy cramming in all of the work you have to do today so you can enjoy the July 4th holiday and at about, oh, 11:00 tonight, you'll realize that you forgot to plan your contribution to the July 4th parties/picnics/BBQs/gatherings that you are planning to attend!  No worries - here are 3 ultra-easy and festive ideas to make you look like you've been planning this for weeks!

A week at home. No planes. No packing. No rushing in airports. No red-eye flights. WOW! What a difference a week makes!

Planes, packing, rushing, red-eyes defined the month of May.  It was a busy month on the road traveling with clients and producing some great events, and in spite of the inherent stress of travel, it was an exhilarating month filled with new experiences that I am excited to share with you.