Unique Entertaining: Let it Snow!

With the unseasonable warm weather we’ve received this week on the East Coast, I know a blog about snow seems a bit off kilter. But since the infamous “in like a lion, out like a lamb” month of March will be upon us before we know it, I thought it’d still be valuable to offer one more unique entertaining idea for the winter: wipe away the blizzard blues with a snow party!

If you’re anything like me, the back-to-back snow storms earlier in the season left you at times with a bit of the blues… plans were cancelled, driveways and walkways had to be shoveled, and you dare not brave the roads and put your life in the hands of the crazy drivers converting the highway into a deathtrap. But in keeping with the theme of an earlier blog – Don’t Hate, Celebrate! – why not turn the negative into a positive? When the weather outside is frightful, you gather the neighbors for something delightful.

Picture it: your home, a cold wintery evening… but instead of the norm –  sitting on the couch in flannels, pretty much bored out of your mind – your house is filled with the pleasant laughter and stimulating conversation of wonderful company. Now, I know what you’re thinking – if I’m usually relaxing during a snow storm, what would possess me to take on the time and energy consuming task of throwing a party? Well for starters, because it doesn’t have to be time and energy consuming… if you time it correctly (e.g. after 8:00 PM); everyone’s already had dinner, so it’s completely acceptable to only provide a nosh for your guests. Vegetable crudités, cheese and fruit display, or whatever your favorite “quickie” light apps are. Whatever you choose, it’s very likely they’re more interested in the wine, than the snacks anyway. And to that point, you don’t even have to worry about anyone operating vehicles when they leave, since they can all walk home! Finally, in the way of entertaining, all you’ll need is some music, and an interactive yet light-hearted game like Guesstures™ to get things going and flowing. See, we’ve thought of it all!

So, the next time you hear “blizzard” in the forecast, leave the flannel PJ’s in the drawer… and let your neighbors know they’ve got a place to go when it snows!

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