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Repeat events provide a great opportunity to step up your game and add more value.

But, there can be a downside to repeat events if you aren’t careful: it can be easy to make assumptions.

When working on a repeat event, it’s all too easy to rely on history and make decisions based on your previous experience because you really want to be focusing on some new wow factors and not reviewing AV specs for the 187th time. 

I went on vacation last month.

A real vacation.

With no laptop.

For anyone that knows me, you understand what a big deal this was. BIG. DEAL.

It required stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone and trusting those around me to handle things as I would want them handled. BIG. DEAL. AGAIN.

I set my out-of-office notice saying that I wasn’t checking email and who to contact if the request was truly urgent and couldn’t wait 1 week until I plugged back in.

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) recently announced a new suite of apps and technologies that will provide a more personal experience for guests. While many of these new features are available at other hotels, what really stood out for us was how the positioned the announcement:

“We continuously gather insights from consumers, which enables us to research, develop, pilot and launch new ways of engaging with guests across their Guest Journey,” said Michael Menis, senior vice president of digital and voice channels for IHG.

The Embassy Row Hotel in Washington, D.C. recently finished at $15 million renovation. Part of this renovation includes a new program to support local charitable organizations through donating a portion of revenue generated in certain spaces. Meetings & Conventions reports: "Through new partnerships with local organizations, the property now is donating portions of its revenue.

What better place to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day than Ireland? Even if we can't physically be in Ireland today, there is no reason we can't be there virtually.  Check out these slideshows to experience the beauty of Ireland today, even if it is just via your screen.