Event Strategy Guide (ESG)

Perfection Events - Event Strategy GuideBefore committing organization dollars and resources to any event, you must start with a strategy.  How does the proposed event move the organization forward?  What strategic organizational goals will the event help achieve? What will be the return on this event?

Perfection Events can work with you through a unique 5-step process that results in a customized Event Strategy Guide (ESG). Your ESG starts by designing the meeting or event measurable outcomes and outlines the amount of time, and financial and human resources necessary to effectively implement the plan. Each ESG is tailored to provide a detailed strategy and action plan (including event design, budget and timeline) aimed at obtaining targeted results.

The 5-Step Process
  1. Visioning – During the visioning step, we work with our client to determine the character and personality of the event.
  2. Personalization / Identification – During the personalization / identification step, we work with our client to determine the desired intellectual, branding, and emotional outcomes of the event (what do you need your attendees to know, do and feel following this event?)
  3. Financial Determinations / Budgeting – During the financial determinations / budgeting step , the desired financial outcomes of the event are determined, and this information is used as the basis for the development of the full event budget.
  4. Event Strategy – During the event strategy step, we gather the details necessary to build a detailed event planning timeline and action plan that the client will in turn follow during the planning and execution of the event.
  5. Postpartum – During the postpartum step, we, together with our client, take a look back at the execution of the event and draw out key learnings that can be applied to future endeavors.

The Result
A customized execution guide that not only accurately describes the amount of time, financial, and human resources necessary to effectively execute the event, but also provides the "how-to" information crucial for success. 

The Event Strategy Guide is best suited for one-day and single location events.  If your event is more complex, multi-day, or multi-location, our Strategic Consulting Services will dive deeper into the myriad of moving pieces and provide you with a complete guide to executing your event.