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Perfection Events - Speaker Selection TipsSelecting the perfect speaker for an event can be a make or break decision for the entire event, but it’s often a process to which only a small amount of time is dedicated.  Think about the amount of time you spend on other logistical elements like food and beverage, entertainment, décor, and activities and compare that to the amount of time that typically goes into speaker selection.  While all of thes

Perfection Events - Philadelphia Meeting Planning TipsOne of the things that drives me every day is the opportunity to learn something new, see something differently, and be better today than I was yesterday.  This quest to always be learning something new does not, however, mean that the basics can be ignored.  No matter how many new skills we learn or how much we improve and expand our knowledge, a strong foundation is essential.

In June, we talked about both initial goal setting for meetings and events as well as aligning those goals with big picture strategy. Both very relevant topics, that I’m sure added value to your approach to planning. However, a plan is only as good as it’s reassessment, and goals are only as good as their relevance. So, this week we’ll spend some time focusing on how setting mini goals like weekly and daily milestones and check points can help you stay on track to achievement, and ensure that you are assessing the ongoing relevance along the way. Again, the only thing worse than a conflicting or misaligned idea is spending the time, effort and resources to execute the idea… that’s a little repeat tidbit from the June blog that I liked, so I am offering again!