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Corporate Events - Air Travel TipsAaaah the wonderful world of travel! For many, travel is all about leisure and fun… but for others travel is a necessary evil… a complex labyrinth to learn and navigate for the sake of conducting business. When it comes to meetings and events, travel is often an added layer of complexity on top of something that’s already complex – enough to make your head hurt!

Perfection Events - Know, Do, FeelOk, so this is my absolute favorite topic… seriously. No exaggeration, this stuff gets me all amped up because it’s at the core of what we live for here at Perfection Events  – results. Measurable results to be exact.

You see, meetings and events are often at the forefront of any strategy employed to communicate important messages. Think about it:

Event Contract Tips - Perfection EventsThis week’s topic is one of my favorites… there is nothing I enjoy more than that moment – after taking the time to research venues, go on site visits, send out RFPs, accept and/or negotiate a deal – that I receive that first contract for review. Yes, emphasis on first here, because I must say in my career I have never signed the first version of a contract.

So, there’s an old adage: “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” I always thought this was just some sly way for parents, teachers… well adults in general to trick me into sharing my goals for the sole purpose of holding me to attaining them. Nonetheless, some 20+ years later I find myself parroting these same words of wisdom to clients, colleagues, friends, and [gasp] even my own children!

Picture it: Saturday, April-whatever-date, 42 degrees and raining. Surely, we’ve all been told that April showers bring May flowers. Sounds good, makes sense, we can now say we understand the purpose of all the rain coming our way, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s inconvenient, cold, and just plain ole “yucky” to deal with! You’ve got the wardrobe issue – what do you wear that is heavy enough keep you warm, yet light and flexible enough to dry IF you get wet?  You’ve got the umbrella issue – which do you carry that’s robust enough to keep you dry, yet not approaching the size of your lawn furniture? You’ve got the hair issue – how do you… um, enough said on that one… you’ve just got issues!