Unique Entertaining: Rainy Day Soiree

Picture it: Saturday, April-whatever-date, 42 degrees and raining. Surely, we’ve all been told that April showers bring May flowers. Sounds good, makes sense, we can now say we understand the purpose of all the rain coming our way, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s inconvenient, cold, and just plain ole “yucky” to deal with! You’ve got the wardrobe issue – what do you wear that is heavy enough keep you warm, yet light and flexible enough to dry IF you get wet?  You’ve got the umbrella issue – which do you carry that’s robust enough to keep you dry, yet not approaching the size of your lawn furniture? You’ve got the hair issue – how do you… um, enough said on that one… you’ve just got issues!

Well, in our usual fashion, your friends here at PE would like to encourage you to make the best of the bad situation and [yes, you are reading correctly], use this as yet another opportunity to…. [drum roll please]… entertain! Let’s face it, you don’t really don’t want to leave the house anyway because it’s just miserable out there (and, as we’ve already established – you’ve got issues). So rather than a frustrating, unproductive day, why not turn this into yet another occasion to be in good company? The neighbors are probably lazing around also – plans cancelled because they just didn’t “feel up to it.” So again, when the weather outside is frightful, invite them over for something delightful… a Rainy Day Soiree!

So first things first…  what to serve on such short notice? Glad you asked… enter one of my favorite quick and easy meals – Mom’s Savory Soup. Now, this could be titled “Grandma’s Savory Soup” or “Auntie’s Savory Soup”, but since my mother passed it along to me, for the purposes of this blog, mom gets the credit.  What do you need for this soup? Whatever’s in your fridge, freezer and cabinet. Trust me, ANYONE with ½ a taste bud can make a good ole pot of soup. My most recent pot of soup consisted of ground turkey, turkey kielbasa sausage, carrots, stewed tomatoes, celery, frozen green beans, potatoes, and lots of seasonings. The pot of soup before that consisted of chicken parts (thighs and legs), corn, onions, red cabbage, barley, and baby lima beans. Each soup had a different flavor and texture, but both were mmmm, mmmm good! Season up the meat, sear or flash cook it in a skillet or Dutch oven, add water, season to taste (this becomes your broth), add the veggies, and simmer until your neighbors come knocking on YOUR door to ask for some (yes, this has happened to me!).

Once the soup is on, pair your beverages accordingly, and spread the word! Instead of board games, pop some popcorn and take the theme to the extreme with a “rain” flick like Singing in the Rain, Rain Man, or Purple Rain on the big screen. And that, my friends, is how you throw a Rainy Day Soiree!