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Perfection news

I went on vacation last month.

A real vacation.

With no laptop.

For anyone that knows me, you understand what a big deal this was. BIG. DEAL.

It required stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone and trusting those around me to handle things as I would want them handled. BIG. DEAL. AGAIN.

I set my out-of-office notice saying that I wasn’t checking email and who to contact if the request was truly urgent and couldn’t wait 1 week until I plugged back in.

The month-long Art Sanctuary Celebration of Black Writing Festival is well underway, and is getting a ton of press!  Art Sanctuary is the leading black arts and letters organization in Philadelphia, and we are thrilled to be part of this festival, which started as a one-day event thirty years ago.  What we love most about this Celebration is that it makes vibrant, excellent art accessible to the community. Many of the events and workshops are free (yes, free!) and feature award-winning authors.

The calendar says it is spring, but today sure doesn’t feel like spring. After the winter we’ve had, most of us are beyond ready for spring to REALLY be here.  We’re getting into the spring spirit by thinking about all of the wonderful events coming up in the Philadelphia area over the next 2 months.

Another year, another packed travel schedule. But you won’t hear us complaining about that (much. And unless we are stuck in an airport). We are looking forward to some great events this year and that means a lot of time logged in airports and airplanes. Our first trip of the year in January was to the Windy City, and it was a quick one – in and out in about 24 hours.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the other destinations we’ll be heading to this year:

Like most planners, we usually find ourselves in various stages of planning simultaneously.  It seems like there is always an event next week, near quarter, and even next year that are all demanding attention.  It’s easy to give into the one that is next week, well, because it is next week, but finding the balance to satisfy all of the needs is an important concept to master.

Here’s a peek into what we are managing on a daily basis right now …