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A week at home. No planes. No packing. No rushing in airports. No red-eye flights. WOW! What a difference a week makes!

Planes, packing, rushing, red-eyes defined the month of May.  It was a busy month on the road traveling with clients and producing some great events, and in spite of the inherent stress of travel, it was an exhilarating month filled with new experiences that I am excited to share with you.

March already?  Isn’t March supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb?  Today is a beautiful day in Philadelphia and certainly not lion-like at all.  Maybe that’s a sign that spring really is coming soon!  While today’s weather may be uneventful, things in our office certainly are eventful … just the way we like things! 

We’ll start with a peek into what is coming up within the organizations we support …

We are putting this blog today from sunny Phoenix, Arizona this week.  I’ll let you in on a little secret – one of the best perks of this job is traveling to warm weather destinations during the winter months!  It’s the beginning of a new month so it’s time to give you a little peek into what Perfection Events is working on in February.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here we finally are! Although we believe in delivering perfection, we’ve decided there’s probably some sort of unwritten, never-to-be-discussed rule about how that can’t possibly apply to blogs…. But, what we can promise to deliver is real information that you can really use in real life. Bottom line, we’ll be keeping it REAL. Along the way, we’ll be passing along our advice on everything from achieving a beautiful floral arrangement at the cost of a low-budget lunch (shameless plug into the 1st blog entry) to maintaining your sanity while serving as the ever-dreaded Family Reunion Coordinator (shameless plug into the 2nd blog entry). So sit back and enjoy tips, tricks, treats, and the inside scoop: such as we have, we give unto you. Happy reading!