What We’re Up To

Like most planners, we usually find ourselves in various stages of planning simultaneously.  It seems like there is always an event next week, near quarter, and even next year that are all demanding attention.  It’s easy to give into the one that is next week, well, because it is next week, but finding the balance to satisfy all of the needs is an important concept to master.

Here’s a peek into what we are managing on a daily basis right now …

Trip to New Orleans!

We are a month away from heading to New Orleans to manage a complex multi-program conference with thousands of delegates over almost 10 days. We traveled there for a site visit earlier this year, and are excited for the return trip to see all of our plans come to life. 

NAWBO Fall Kick-Off

We are just over a week away from the first event of the NAWBO program year, “Create Your Business Growth Strategy” with Sarah Van Aken, a successful Philadelphia fashion entrepreneur. Sarah started her first company, Van Aken Signature, in 2007 and followed quickly with clothing store SA VA, which landed her a spot in Philadelphia Magazine as the “Best New Boutique of 2010".  In five years, Sarah has built her business from the ground-up, and now owns several companies and she has built her design business with, and within, the local Philadelphia community and today employs 15 workers.

We are busy wrapping up all of the event logistics now, and looking forward to hearing Sarah’s story.  Register now to join us!

Fast-Forward to Spring!

Wow, the thought of skipping a cold winter is really nice, but that would also cut out a huge chunk of planning time for our spring events so probably better not to do that. We volunteer for the local chapter of the American Red Cross and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia Women’s Initiative, and we have already begun the planning process for some spring events.  The American Red Cross will host a Heroes Breakfast in the spring, and the Women’s Initiative Gala is scheduled for March 26, 2014 (save the date!).

Prioritizing the Planning Cycles

We have a few events coming up quickly, a few more scattered through the winter, and then some big ones in the spring so we are juggling the planning cycles now and prioritizing our time to ensure that every event is getting the attention it needs on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly.  There are some great apps and tools we are using to help us stay on track – look for a blog on that coming soon!

Your Turn

How do you juggle multiple events at different stages of the cycle?