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We can talk all day about the importance of goals and objectives and strategy when it comes to your event, and all of these things are tremendously important.  However, before your attendees can know, do, or feel any of the things you want them to know, do, or feel, you must provide them with the one essential, vitally important, cannot-do-without tool … their coffee.

We’re not kidding.

You can put on the most flawless, most strategic, most goal-oriented event, but if you don’t give your people coffee, that is the only thing they will remember.

Written by Brianne Benelli, Perfection Events

It’s 6:30AM and you can feel your breath making icicles before it even leaves your lungs while you coordinate the arrival of your vendors on-site.

Or maybe it’s 8:30AM and you’ve just turned on your computer to face down an impenetrable wall of pages upon pages of complex billing invoices and spreadsheets.

Or maybe it’s just early and nothing daunting has happened yet except that your eyelids are exceptionally uncooperative this morning and don’t want to open.

Menu selection!

For many event planners, this is a favorite activity.  It involves food (we all love food, right?), reading delicious descriptions of the food (love that!), and creativity (a very strong trait in meeting professionals).  But, it is also one of the highest profile elements of your meeting and the one that attendees WILL talk about and remember.  To ensure that the conversations and memories are positive instead of negative, menu selection requires a strategic focus in your planning process.