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Like most planners, we usually find ourselves in various stages of planning simultaneously.  It seems like there is always an event next week, near quarter, and even next year that are all demanding attention.  It’s easy to give into the one that is next week, well, because it is next week, but finding the balance to satisfy all of the needs is an important concept to master.

Here’s a peek into what we are managing on a daily basis right now …

Many planners have experienced being called a magician by a client.  We can often make things happen in mere seconds or make things appear almost instantaneously.  But, I have yet to meet a planner who can make a bus that is still 45 minutes away arrive any faster or clear the traffic jam that has claimed our VIP’s ride to the airport.

Vehicles and traffic are immune to the superpowers that planners possess. Well, mostly immune.  We do have some tricks at our disposal that will usually help us triumph.

The “25 Cost-Savers” Feature in Meetings & Conventions this week caught our eye, as we are always looking new cost-savings ideas to help our clients maximize their budgets.  We employ a lot of these ideas already (like the signature cocktail with beer and wine instead of a full open bar, using house props or fruit as centerpieces, and small size display platters) and love that we found a few new ideas to try too.

Have you noticed the back to school displays that are just chock full of brand new school and office supplies?

Yes, we know they’ve been there since right around when school ended a few months ago. We chose to ignore them until now.

There is just something about a brand new pencil or a never before opened pack of highlighters that brings us joy.

Back-to-school time is a perfect time to re-evaluate what has a home in the office supply bins that you keep stocked, packed and ready to go on-site to an event at a moment’s notice.

You outlined your goals.

You did your research.

You interviewed countless speakers.

You made your short list and traveled to events to see them in action.

You weighed all pros and cons.

You selected your speaker!

Congratulations.  Is now a good time to mention that selecting and booking the speaker is only the tip of the iceburg?

Yes, really.