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I went on vacation last month.

A real vacation.

With no laptop.

For anyone that knows me, you understand what a big deal this was. BIG. DEAL.

It required stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone and trusting those around me to handle things as I would want them handled. BIG. DEAL. AGAIN.

I set my out-of-office notice saying that I wasn’t checking email and who to contact if the request was truly urgent and couldn’t wait 1 week until I plugged back in.

Have you noticed the back to school displays that are just chock full of brand new school and office supplies?

Yes, we know they’ve been there since right around when school ended a few months ago. We chose to ignore them until now.

There is just something about a brand new pencil or a never before opened pack of highlighters that brings us joy.

Back-to-school time is a perfect time to re-evaluate what has a home in the office supply bins that you keep stocked, packed and ready to go on-site to an event at a moment’s notice.

It’s been a lazy, hazy summer week here in Philadelphia.  I don’t know about you, but these days are an absolute drain on my productivity … I go from daydreaming about being outside on a sunny, albeit very hot, day (not productive!) to daydreaming about doing nothing because it’s too hot to even think (not productive!).  Neither one of those scenarios lead to important things being checked off of the to-do list (not good!).