Top 5 Pet Peeves of Flying

There have been three planes diverted because of seat squabbles over the past 2 weeks (read the stories here, here, and here). Seat squabbles are nothing new, but we don't recall this many flights being diverted over something like fighting over reclining seats.  If this is the new trend, then being delayed because of a seat squabble that winds up as a diverted flight is soon to top our list of travel pet peeves!

What are the current pet peeves that make the top of our list?  

  1. Hate, hate, hate being cold on planes. Why is it so difficult to get a comfortable temperature on planes? Until that happens, traveling with a pashmina is a life-saver, because those airline blankets, well, let's not even get into that!
  2. Hate the confusion that seems to exist around the liquid rule and what is a liquid and what isn't. The rule has been around for years, and there should still be this level of confusion around it.  Last time I checked, solids are not liquids but this doesn't seem to be clear to everyone.
  3. Know what we really hate? All of the people that crowd around the boarding area ready to pounce as soon as their number is called. If the gate agent has just called number 3, why do people with numbers 5, 6, 7, and beyond feel the need to jump up and race to the gate? The agent called 3, not 5, 6, and 7. Please, everyone, just stay seated until your number is called. I promise, the agent will call it, and it will make for an easier process for everyone involved.
  4. Have you noticed that when a flight lands, it triggers an automatic human reaction to stand up. Plane stops, bell dings, everyone stand. It's like a automatic reflex that we are powerless to stop. Fight it, people. Just because the bell dinged, it doesn't mean you have to stand. Unless you are in the first seat of the plane, you aren't going anywhere in a hurry. Stay comfortable and remain seated until it's your turn to get off the plane.
  5. Finally, baggage claim. Just the words conjure up stress and tension. Let's keep it simple: until you see your bag coming towards you, there is no reason to crowd around the carousel and prevent others from getting their bags. Just take a few steps back, allow others in front of you to claim your bag and then step up to claim yours when you see it. So simple!

Your turn! What are your flying pet peeves?