Snowy Day in Philadelphia

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Snow days are glorious gifts for children, but not always so much for adults.  We have things to do, places to go and people to see and snow does not fit into our agenda.  Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo. So, it is snowing in Philadelphia today and since we can't change that, here are a few ideas to make the best of it:

  • Take a walk and notice the beauty of the snow clinging to the trees or the sense of calm and quiet snow can bring.
  • Need some adventure? Find a hill and go sledding! No sled? No problem - a baking sheet from your kitchen will do in a pinch!
  • Throw a neighborhood snowy day soiree!  While the kids play in the snow, gather the adults inside for a snowy day soiree (take some hints from our rainy day soiree). Use the inconvenience of the snow as a convenient way to reconnect with neighbors with some impromptu socializing.
  • Take a time out!  Sit down with a mug of something warm, be charmed by the falling snow, and allow your brain time to wander aimlessly. Sometimes, this is how the best ideas are formed. 
  • Still need to feel productive in the snow? There are plenty of ways to be productive while stuck at home - make a big pot of soup, organize some files, clean up your email, straighten up a closet, or get piled paperwork up in order. (And when that is done, see above for what to do next!)

However you are spending this snowy day, be safe and stay warm!