The Room Amenities Business Travelers Really Want

We recently shared some over-the-top amenities that hotel are using to lure guests, and it's fun to take a break and think about how wonderful any of these would be to enjoy.

But let's be realistic ... when do business travelers like us have time for royal carriage rides, impromptu picnics, a sleep concierge, or a sunshine butler?

Never, right?

Hotels know that the key to luring business travelers is value in what we receive for the rate we pay, and realistic amenities that we either require to work effectively on the road or that are nice perks that enhance our experience and don't impede our jam-packed schedule. published an article earlier this month about those amenities that are luring business travelers, and after location, and value, free wi-fi is what we want when we book a hotel. We'll take it a step further and say free Wi-Fi that actually works tops our list! Now, if we could just get a Keurig in every hotel room too ...

What tops your list when searching for a hotel?