Our Take on "Joy of the towel elephant: Hospitality industry loves and hates"

Of course the headline "Joy of the towel elephant: Hospitality industry loves and hates" caught our eye. We had to see who thinks towel elephants are joyful!

The recent CNN article outlined the hospitality industry consensus on 10 common sights while traveling:

  1. Airport Driver Signs - they say "love" and we agree! Nothing better than getting off a plane and seeing your ride waiting for you.
  2. Welcome Drinks - they say "hate" but we say, "well, it depends on the hotel and the drink." We've had our fair share of bad or unwelcome welcome drinks, but there have been a fair number of more than welcome welcome drinks too.
  3. Pillow Chocolates - they say "love" and we, of course, agree.
  4. Unnecessary Assistance - they say "hate" and we agree, in part. We like that they ask because sometimes we really do just need to hand everything off. We hate when we say "no thanks" and they keep asking. Asking once is all that's needed. 
  5. Towel Elephants - they say "love" but we say "hate". We have to use those towels and there was a lot of unnecessary touching of clean towels to make the elephant. A plainly folded pile of towels is perfectly fine!
  6. Lobby Music - they say "hate" and we say "it depends". We have been in some lobbies where the atmosphere was just made because of the music choice.
  7. Feeble Wi-Fi Signals - they say "hate" but we say "hate, despise, loathe, and abhor!"  There is no reason (none!) for a hotel to have weak Wi-Fi signals. Don't even get us started on Feeble Wi-Fi signals that you had to PAY for!
  8. Free Breadsticks - they say "love" and so do we!
  9. Concierge Desk - they say "love" and we say "love and adore!" The concierge can be your absolute best friend in a hotel!
  10. Unreliable Swipe Cards - they say "hate" and we agree.  After a long day when they only thing you want is to crawl into bed and you know the wake-up call is coming in only a few short hours, the absolute worst thing that can possibly happen is seeing that red light your door when your key is refusing to unlock said door. 

What's your take? What are your loves and hates?