20 Top Meeting Innovations

Did you see the list of the latest 20 industry game changers?

There are some things in this list that have been evolving and part of the conversation for years, like paperless binders and what to do with all of our data, and many new concepts that we look forward to using in events in the near future.

The one that REALLY caught our attention was Purposeful drones! "Drones -- unmanned aerial vehicles -- have landed in the meetings and events industry. Event production company Freeman, for example, is using them to conduct virtual site inspections (drones capture real-life, in-room images of meeting spaces) for Plantour, its web-based planning tool. On the event side, photographers and videographers are using drones, like DJI's Phantom Series with attached GoPro cameras, to capture unique overhead images of parties, receptions and ceremonies. Look for more drone functionality in the future."

We want to hear from you! Who has used drones before for a virtual site inspection? Share your experiences!