PA Convention Center Grand Opening Events

Philadelphia, PA
April 2012

Pennsylvania Convention Center’s 2-day event produced for an invitation only group of the country’s top meeting planners whose meetings represent billions of dollars of revenue. Perfection Events designed and spearheaded the Pennsylvania Marketplace Expo featuring over 100 national and regional exhibitors.

Know, Feel, Do

Attendees were to KNOW and understand the value of the venue and its “supporting cast” of venues, vendors, and service providers in the surrounding region that help frame and shape the overall attendee experience;   FEEL both comfortable and compelled to interact with exhibitors as well as with one another; and DO become motivated to initiate conversations with others  (clients and colleagues) about the impact the program has had on them personally, and how bringing events to the region would translate to the attainment of meeting/event objectives.


Perfection Events Inc. designed and delivered an innovative tradeshow, exceeding client and attendee expectations for a holistic experience representing the PA region. The connections formed at the tradeshow were further developed into tangible relationships, bringing significant business to the City.